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The founders of The Patch Boys®, Inc. have over a decade of construction experience, specializing in restoring homes to their beautiful originality. We have mastered an award-winning process to rapidly patch up all your holes in your home and restore it to its uniqueness within hours (most jobs).

The experiences we have attained by repairing thousands of holes over the years has helped us develop and advance the most efficient process of restoring your precious home with speed, cleanliness and quality.

We value your trust in us, we respect the sanctity of your home, and we’re serious about the work we do! Our team consists of a group of individuals that are dedicated and passionate about their job along with great detail to customer service. We understand that we are doing much more than just patching up a hole, we know the feeling you have when your living room wall has three holes, and  we will restore your sanity and the stability in your home by doing the job right.

When we enter your home, you won’t experience that “typical construction environment” of dirt, mud, and dust. We enter your house with respect, protect all your belongings by covering the surrounding area of the patch job with plastic or cloth, and we clean up after ourselves.

At The Patch Boys®, you’re a valued client to us, not a number! We strive to earn your trust, loyalty and business by paying attention to the details and completing the work with integrity, honesty and reliability. We treat your home like we would treat our own house, and we do it just like you would do it yourself.

We leave you with our “Patch Scorecard” to rate us on how well the job was done – grading our accuracy, professionalism and skill – so we can get a little feedback on our people and a quick idea of how you feel about our patch job.


We at The Patch Boys®, we’re more than just another construction company. We know how frustrating and annoying it is as a home owner, when an electrician or plumber comes into your house, fixes the pipe and leaves you with 20 holes in the walls and ceiling. He does not want to fix it, he is not supposed to fix it, but you as a home owner are left with a filthy home and a mess. We know the feeling and so we do nothing else but patch and close up holes in your house. We strive every day to be the best patch company in the nation.


The Patch Boys® is owned by local individuals who build their client base one recommendation at a time. We have thousands of patch jobs behind us and we know what we are doing. That’s the only way we can give you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. It is a guarantee that we work and live by every hour of every day.


We walk into peoples’ homes every single day. We respect your family, we respect your home and we treat it like we do our own home. We make sure that when we leave your home, it is as clean as it was before you had the leak, the mold or the mishap.

We leave you with our “Patch Scorecard” to rate us on how well the job was done – grading our accuracy, professionalism and skill – so we can get a little feedback on our people and a quick idea of how you feel about our patch job.

“We are committed to perfection” is not just a slogan that we put out there – we really mean it and we live by it.


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Bill Weber, Owner

The Patch Boys of DuPage with his wife of 49 years!

Since our beginning, we have proudly served the local community by offering quick, high-quality drywall and plaster repair to your doorstep.

As a locally owned and operated business, we value your trust in us and pride in our work and excellent customer service. We’re never done with a job until you’re 100% happy. When we come into your home, we treat it like it was our own. We cover the area before we begin working, and we always clean up before we leave.

Over the years we have repaired thousands of holes, cracks, water-damaged ceilings and basement walls. We also restore failing plaster to its original beauty. Our goal is simple: to provide you with great service as we return your home to its original condition—leaving it cleaner than it was when we came.

Call us today to schedule your free estimate and you will quickly see why we are America’s most trusted drywall repair company. We offer free quotes and guarantee our work. Looking forward to helping you restore and beautify your home!

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