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We at The Patch Boys understand what you, the home owner, experience when you let someone into your home to. You want the contractor to come in, fix your drywall, clean up their mess, and leave.

Chances are, that when you call us and need our help, you have probably experienced an unfortunate mishap that caused a dent / hole in the wall, or even worse, you had a subcontractor that fixed a leak, added an outlet, and left you with holes all over the place. So now you have new pipes and an additional electrical outlet, but you also have a home full of holes. Now you need someone to fix your drywall.

We know how you feel and we know how to fix that feeling. We will come in, fix your drywall, clean up, and be on our way. We just want to restore calmness and serenity in your house, so you can concentrate on what’s important.

We appreciate the trust and confidence you have extended to us, and we’ll make sure to work our buns off so we can continue to earn your trust in us.

So in short, choose us because of our reputation for excellence. For over a decade, we’ve earned a name for quality, trust, and customer service, and we promise that once you use our services, you too will love us!


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